Our greatest pride is in maintaining long-lasting relationships and directing multiple projects for all of our clients.

N Concept

Cutting-edge Technology and World-class Service

Using in-house technology that contemplates the principles and best practices of world class processes*, we have developed a service that allows us to succeed at minimizing risks and providing certainty in construction through transparency. As a result, we efficiently optimize the costs for our clients in all types of projects, integrating ourselves into their organizations as their own construction department.

*Lean Construction, Project Management Institute and "Constructability" of the Georgia Tech in Atlanta, among others.


Collecting information that correctly defines “WHAT” will be done in order to anticipate and assign “WHO” will be in charge of management, ensuring a successful start to all of our projects.

Strategy Design

Focused on the objectives of the Project and based on our extensive experience as well as best practice principles*, we design the strategy defining “HOW” the construction process will be executed.


With clearly established “WHAT”, “WHO”, and “HOW”, INTEGRATING the necessary TEAMS properly GENERATING SINERGIES which allows us to effectively achieve our goals with regards to quality, time and cost in all of our projects.


As a provider of services we are altogether convinced and have focused our mission on “EXCEEDING EXPECTATIONS, NOT JUST MEETING THEM”, to remain our clients’ consultants.

*Lean Construction, Project Management Institute and "Constructability" of the Georgia Tech in Atlanta, among others.

Our Services

We have successfully executed projects for clients such as:
NK Project management guarantees:

Why choose us?

Individually contracting any specialty of construction, thus avoiding sub-contracting with a consequent potential increase in the cost of the project.
Having a team particularly dedicated to coordinating contractors and activities in search of a better, more efficient, and higher quality projects.
Focusing efforts towards project goals, through the integration of all the participants in one single team.
Having the necessary information enabling better decision making with regards to contracts and acquisition of the most important materials and equipment, because of their impact on the budget and/or time.
Establishing administrative systems that allow greater control of the cost, time and quality.
Spreading project risk conveniently without incurring higher costs.
Having a services that prevent cost deviations, and ensuring execution times and quality during construction.
Having 32 years of experience and being able to talk to clients, we have collaborated on projects for more than 18 years, which in our view is the best guarantee of our service success.
We have a team with extensive experience in construction, whose primary objectives will always be your objectives.
We use methodology based on the concept of Constructability developed by Georgia Tech to manage and guarantee construction projects, keeping in mind the needs of all the participants and seeking synergies that allows us to exceed the specific project’s experiences.
Since the main objective of our work method is to ensure compliance with all entities and stakeholders, we control risks and eliminate uncertainty, particularly for those, like you, investing in a construction project.

Company news

Our new building, housing the NK Corporate Offices, with our three companies: Vistión, NK Construcciones and BuildBinder.

Awarded as one of the 50 most innovative companies in Information Week in 2011.

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